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On this page we provide outputs of the global normal-mode function (NMF) decomposition of 3D data from the reanalysis datasets and climate simulations.
As the modal decomposition of the reanalysis datasets and climate models is an ongoing work, we are looking for collaborators interested in using the 3D balanced and inertio-gravity modes to address various topics of common interest. Currently we can provide balanced, inertio-gravity and various individual modes (e.g. Kelvin wave, mixed Rossby-gravity wave) from the ERA Interim, MERRA and JRA reanalyses on selected levels. For example, the ERA Interim data are available for the period 1980 to 2014 packed as a single file per year and level .
In order to download the data, at the moment you need to type a password upon the submittion of the data request. You can get one from us, send please a message to nedjeljka.zagar.at.uni-hamburg.de.
As the project progresess, we shall be adding more data options for a full data access.
Outputs of the NMF decomposition of the CMIP5 data are currently being produced. If interested in using them, please contact us.